T-Series about to surpass PewDiePie in subscribers as the highest subscribed channel

Youtube is one of the most favorite app for every kind of consumers(irrespective of age/profession/educational background).Everyone is aware that if they click on this Red colored play button(Youtube Logo),it will start showing video content automatically.Even if you are an illiterate person,just open the app and start watching the video ,day by day the app will become start and it will start suggesting video of your taste.So day by day it will become a addictive habit for you.If you like a specific type of content,you can subscribe the channels which has related videos of your choice.So the plate is very smart ,if you start picking or choose any food once, related foods will automatically start pouring into your plate,it will be hard for you to leave the plate.

Surely you are one of those Youtube users ,who is reading this article in HangingPost.com .Have you ever wondered,which channel is the most subscribed channel in Youtube ?or which one is the most watched channel in youtube ?who is the 2nd most subscribed channel? May be not.

You will be shocked if you start knowing the numbers and figures.Let’s prepare for some numbers and figures.

  • Which channel is the most subscribed channel in Youtube ?How  many subscriber this channel have ?
  • – PewDiePie . 66,029,583 (66m) subscribers

                                           Credit – https://socialblade.com/

  • Which channel is the 2nd most subscribed channel in Youtube ?How  many subscriber this channel have ?
  • -T-Series. 61,360,254 (61m) subscribers

Credit – https://socialblade.com/

Pewdiepie earns about 955,722(9 Lakh) subs a month, T-series earns 4,430,385 (44 Lakh or 4.4m)a month.

So it’s pretty obvious by now that t-series is probably going to surpass Pewdiepie, but how long will it take if they go at this pace? Let’s set our time in months:

61,360,254+ 4,430,385x = 66,029,583 + 955,722x

61,360,254 + 3,474,663x = 66,029,583

4,669,329 = 3,474,663x

x = 1.5? Approximately

So mathematically, T-Series will beat Pewdiepie in  45 days.Above statistics says that ,T-Series the most viewed channel right now and it will beat Pewdiepie in near future.As an Indian we can be proud but the reality is that T-series will definitely surpass Pewdiepie within few months (maybe October or November 2018). But Pewdiepie will still remain the most subscribed Individual creator.

Pewdiepie was a youtuber but T series is a music company that produces music. He is a single man had millions of audience all over the world.

T-series is the channel that delivers most of the hit Hindi music songs and movie trailer, so people of India must subscribe the T series for the notification of new songs and movie trailer.

Now dig into the subject and let’s find out why T Series  is growing so fast.The main reasons are

  • Geographical advantage
  • Internet penetration rate.

What is interest penetration rate?

If we look into the statistical datas,something  very special in happening in India.India is not very old with internet usages. Before 2016 ,internet was very costly and it was mostly 2G network.Then JIO revolution happened.

Jio is a network company  which is lead by one of the most prominent business man in the world ,Anil Ambani.

When JIO starts its journey back in 2016,Jio started offering unreal offers that India never experience.Jio user got almost 1 year free 4g internet  access that pushed India into the mainstream internet world.As this country has already the 1.3 billion  population,with this new internet connection ,India’s Internet penetration rate grows drastically.To compete with Jio other networks  like Airtel ,Vodafone,Idea started giving similar offers.So as the benefit of all this, India became a dominant figure in number of internet  users.Now its only behind, China .

If you check the USA internet  penetration rate ,it is around 75-80% for last few years and it is a stagnant saturated  market.

This country already have lots of good content creators and they have a mature user base who does not go to each and every channel  and subscribe  it.So the competition is very very high.The internet users number is growing slowly but the content  creating channels are growing in much more faster rate.So the User : Channel ratio is falling day by day .

In case of India the penetrating  rate is about 25% and its growing very fast.As the population  is very high in compare with US ,even if the percentage figure is much more lover, but absolute  number is much more higher than USA. As the internet revolution just happened in India ,most of the users are young and enthusiastic.Quality  content creators are much lesser in compare to population  volume.So User : Channel ratio is also very high.

When Pewdiepie  started his channel ,same factors worked for him.Then European  internet world was booming and pitty much every internet  user subscribed his channel  ,as the penetration is now stagnant in some way,his growth is also becoming stagnant.Being the first in the business  always matters.Now,India is booming market now,so T-Series  is growing exponentially and it will continue  to grow ,as its far away from the saturation for a 1.3 billion  population country.

You can now ask,Why this is not happening  for channels from China ,as the Number of internet  user is also greater than india and market is much lesser saturated than USA.The answer is simple ,China follow a different  strategy in there business. They do not use outer world source much,they create their own version  of it.They have all the alternative option which is only used in china.

They have Youku as a replacement  of Youtube.

They have WeChat as a replacement  of Whats App

They have Renren a replacement  of Facebook

They have Weibo as a replacement  of twitter.

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