India Beat Pakistan in SAFF Cup,2018 to qualify for the Semi-Final

India vs Pakistan is always attracting in any form of games, be it cricket or any other game.

For political issues now India Pakistan don’t get the chance to play cricket against each other. India vs Pakistan cricket match is one of the most viewed and most attracting match in the history of games.

As now cricket is off between these two country , SAFF cup, Football is one of the few chance where India & Pakistan can play against each other. Last 3 years was very bad for Pakistan for football, they have not qualified for the SAFF cup. After long 3 three years they have qualified and today India & Pakistan play against each other in Banglaguru in SAFF cup ,2018. Pakistan already qualified for the Semi-Final by beating Nepal and Bhutan and today India qualified for the Semi-Final by beating Pakistan so again there will be India Pakistan match but that match will be organized in Dhaka.

In last two games of Saff cup,2018 India beat Maldives and Sri lanka but the performance was not up to mark,but today India truely played a team game and dominated the match and beat Pakistan 3-1.

India’s couch @StephenConstan decided to bring on the u-23 player in this match and they have performed very well. As a expected goal scorer Manvir was there ,he scored twice .Last time against Maldives also he scored.

Manvir Singh

In the last minutes Pakistan Mohsin Ali got a red card ,but the over all matched ends with a peace full environment .

If you look at the Final 11 today ,you can say there is only U-23 promising player who played today with great passion ,may be because the opponent was Pakistan. India played with 4-4-2 formation where the final two stiker was Manvir and Farukh.


Where as Pakistan played with 4-2-3-1 formation and Muhammad Ali was the only sticker .

Pakistan beats Nepal 2-1 and Bhutan 3-0 but loses against Bangladesh 0-1 and India 1-3.So we can say their performance was not that much promising.

But India played quite well as they already beat Sri Lanka 2-0,Maldives 2-0 and Pakistan 3-1.


Pakistan have returned to international football after three years, and have made it to the semi-final of the SAFF CUP, 2018 for the first time since 2005, with their best finish dating back to 1997 when they finished third.  In last 13 years India Played Pakistan 5 time and India won 4 of them.Pakistan last beat India back in 2005.

If you compare these two countries development in football ,Indian Football has changed drastically but Pakistan football dropped dramatically .Now again Pakistan is coming in a promising pace. Best of Luck for them but India should not consider Pakistan as competitor as its high time for a 1.3 billion country ,India to show the world it’s footballing power.



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